Caribbean Trip

We took a 14 day Caribbean trip. Seven days were free so we only had to pay one week. We got a brand new camera on the way to the airport so we were still figuring out how to use it. On this first day we were in Puerto Rico. It is a part of the US but no one speaks English. The Spanish is different than the Tiajuna Spanish I learned.

This is the second day. We were at Aruba. There is a natural bridge, a Casino and a Aloe farm and that is about it. The island is one big dessert. What with the Beach Boys song we were expecting more but it was fun anyway.

Okay, it is the third day and I don't remember where we were at. It was a jungle island, which was weird because Aruba was nearby and was a desert. There was a big fort, a fresh water lake in the middle of the island and a big diving hole. There was a melon carving aboard the ship and an ice sculpture carving thing.

This is the fourth day and we visited Domique. There is an Indian reservation there with Carib Indians. I think it is the only reservation in the Caribbean. They call it a reserve like they do in Canada. The danced for us and had me participate. Most of the villagers looked like Black people but the dancers looked Indian.

Like our reservations they mixed with the dominant race and a few of them look like Indians. If you have seen some of the California Reservations you would not know they are Indians unless they told you. Of course I am a full blood, on paper anyway. The Indians there are real poor, just like we used to be in my Grandparents time. It is a real jungle island and has a waterfall. We went to an old resort that did not seemed to be used too much. There was a ruin nearby that was suppose to be a resort created by some Chinese.

Now we are in St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. They are both part of the US. My wife works for the Post Office so she likes to see other Post Offices. There is a big fort at Puerto Rico on the coast. The other fort was at St. Thomas.

Our camera quit and we did not have it for a few days. I don't remember where these were taken but there was a real clear beach. Looks like you could drink out of it. That was really really mellow just sitting there in the sand and then going in the water. Wow